RSVP No. 1 - CAN you solve this challenge?

RSVP No.1 - The CAN Challenge

theSTEAMtruck is launching this series of challenges to incentivize out-of-the-box thinking for solutions to the problem in an effort to find practical, clever and innovative ways as a Race to SaVe our Planet.

Challenge No. 1


Your task is to put on your thinking cap and suggest a process, alternative use or method that can avoid THESE steel metal objects from cluttering up and rusting away in our landfills. Aluminium can be recycled and so can (pun intended) steel even with tin plating and plastic lining for protecting foodstuff. Sadly much ot this is not recycled - so what can you think of to resolve this.

Send in your ideas - feel free to research whats out there already - no matter how crazy you think they are and the judges will select a winner on the Thursday following the Friday launch of the challenge.

Judges decisons of the winning submission(s) shall be final. However theSTEAMtruck social media accounts will encourage constructive comments, suggestions and feedback.

Entries in text, .pdf or .jpg/.png format attachments can be emailed to

Written on April 30, 2020