RSVP number 2 - can you solve this challenge?

RSVP No.2 - The Insulation Challenge

theSTEAMtruck is launching this series of challenges to incentivize out-of-the-box thinking for solutions to the problem in an effort to find practical, clever and innovative ways as a Race to SaVe our Planet.

Challenge No. 2


Every day many fridges and freezers DIE because the heat exchange cooling pipes are NOT made of corrosion proof metals. The one in the picture had rusted steel pipes. So these appliances are supposed to be recycled but ONLY for the CFC gas that is already lost because of the rusty old cooling system.

Here is the challenge: The rigid foam insulation that exists in these appliances has served to reduce energy consumption over ages by providing good insulation and IF separated from the unit is incinerated and the heat generated used to produce electricity. Sadly this produces noxious fumes but as a society we overlook that when compared to the benefit we derived from the thermal insulation.

Can you come up with a better way of recycling or re-using this rigid Polyurethane Foam?

Send in your ideas - feel free to research whats out there already - no matter how crazy you think they are and the judges will select a winner on the Thursday following the Friday launch of the challenge.

Entries in .pdf or .jpg/.png format can be emailed to

Written on May 10, 2020