SeaPerch ROV Building at VHS in Vancouver.

A fun day using the tools at VHS to build a SeaPerch ROV

The Seaperch is a cool tethered underwater robot used in over 30 pool locations in the USA

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This basic submersible has become a standard ROV in the USA and forms part of national and regional competitions attracting thousands of participating individuals and groups. The robot is used by a team to carry out a timed specific search and rescue mission during which points are earned for challenges presented to the ROV.

Some of these are as follows:

Enter a cave - proceed through an underwater suspended loop

Navigate to a beacon under the water on the floor of the pool

Retrieve a target from the cave region

Return with the recovered object through the cave entrance.

Plans are in preparation to introduce these to the Salmo and local area pools to develop a regional tournament towards the end of Summer of 2019.


Written on November 20, 2018