To Bomb or not to Bomb

TheSTEAMTruck is participating in Earth Day 22nd April by building Bombs

Yes its true but is it appropriate?

What can be more exciting than giving a kid the materials to build a bomb? Lets first start by describing a seed bomb. The “bomb” consists of generally 3 components.

  • 1 Clay or other moisture absorbing material
  • 2 Compost or potting soil suitable for germination of seeds
  • 3 Flower, grass, vegetable seeds


    Mix these in a variety of recipes with water to produce a ‘bomb’ that holds itself together.


Dispose of in a place where the seedlings that (may) appear will hopefully be appreciated.

The Discussion:

For several years now many kids crafts include the production of seed bombs. However the hottest topic on the web on this subject seems to be that they DONT work. Is this fake news? Just maybe if you follow the amazing success stories of countless youth that have enjoyed making and deploying them.

The problems quoted are:

  • What initiates germination of seeds? Usually this is when the temperature, moisture and nutients surrounding the seeds are appropriate. Although many success stories abound folks believe that simply making and throwing a seed bomb followed by a period of neglect will depend entirely on external factors whether the seeds will in fact germinate or not.

  • Seeds too close to one another If any some or perhaps most end up germinating they will according to the usual reccomended planting instructions be too close and starve each other of resources.

Urban Guerilla Gardening

Dumping soil (even if only a hadful) onto private property without authorization is apparantly illegal. Concerned residents and property owners often spend lots of money on landscaping and selective planting of species in their garden areas. However the insertion of wild plant growth into the landscape will not only enhance the local insect and wildlife habitat but at the same time introduce a food diverse chain in your garden especially if edible seeds are planted.

So come Earth Day and the wonderful Spring weather theSTEAMtruck will be making bombs of the seedling type and encouraging their distribution throught the neighbourhoods.

… and here is a video of how we do it!

Written on April 17, 2018