..and the Tools keep Coming!

The Tool Collection for theSTEAMbus continues to grow.

The week after the bus arrived a welcome delivery of a package to test for Canadian Tire was collected from the Purolator Depot in Trail. WOW! A marvelous set of 200+ socket-set and wrenches in its own worktop drawer style toolbox. A video and user feedback comment to follow soon.

Additional to this we have now received a useful donation of a full set of screw drivers and ring wrenches

Now located in the bus we also have the tools that were donated in 2017 including the following items:

  • an Oscilloscope
  • radial arm saw - (assortment of blades required)
  • chop saw
  • pottery wheel (motor speed control pedal under development)
  • vacuum cleaner
  • filter coffee machine
  • weller soldering station
  • Singer sewing machine
  • 100W soldering/cutting gun
  • several small items


Written on September 10, 2018