What I Fixed Today

What I Fixed Today (WIFT#1)

The start of something new. Becoming known as the Mr Fixit - seldom a day goes by without having to rack my brain and innovate a new solution to put something back into operation.

In this inaugural post we have a cool zoomable LED flashlight.


When received it arrived with a loose switch assembly, a spring and besides the flashlight body and battery holder not much else.

Basiclly it did not work!

First - manufactured a small 4mm dia x 5mm aluminium tube inside the spring loaded switch activtor. Determined a 4mm spacer was missing between the switch assembly and the battery holder. Added a Lexan retaining ring to secure the switch assembly inside the threaded housing. Arranged a support for the central battery / switch contact.

Hey presto! One amazing working flashligh - if only this was mine ;)

Written on December 12, 2019